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50mg Hybrid Gummy – Cinnamon


Cinnamon Gummy bears “Edibles” Cinnamon Gummy bears refers to any food or beverage product…


Cinnamon Gummy bears

Edibles Cinnamon Gummy bears refers to any food or beverage product that contains cannabis. More specifically, these products contain a concentrated form of THC, the active chemical ingredient in cannabis – although some products also contain CBD, another highly beneficial compound found in cannabis.


Hot Cinnamon Gummiez from Cannabella provide a welcome cannabis boost that can be enjoyed any time of day. Soft and chewy texture is true to expectations, and the flavor is authentic to the traditional cinnamon gummy experience: starts sweet and finishes hot! 10-piece package allows for accurate micro-dosing.

Enjoyed one piece at a time, the effects are mild, with a subtle cerebral uplift that is non-intoxicating and allows you to settle into a relaxed head space, without becoming disengaged. Also Physical relaxation develops gently, alongside a sharpened appetite that encourages more snacking. This edible is a suitable complement to other edibles and cannabis products. Moreover The sugar used in this product is derived from organic sources.

Cultivator: Cannabella
Total THC/CBD MG: 86 mg THC / 0 mg CBD

Serving Amount: 10

mg per Serving: 8.6 mg THC / 0 mg CBD

Flavor: Cinnamon, sweet, spicy; mild cannabis flavor
Effects: Relaxing, uplifting, appetite boost
Activities: Relaxation, socializing, light work or physical activity
Medical Conditions: Stress, anxiety, depression, nausea, lack of appetite

More About Cinnamon Gummy bears

Firstly Light a fire inside your mouth that burns so good when you’re popping Eddy Edibles hot cinnamon CBD gummies 300mg. Secondly Soft, chewy, and en fuego with intensely spicy cinnamon flavor, this pure CBD gummies in the clever guise of cuddly red gummy bears makes it easy to get your daily dose discreetly.  Before you run off desperately seeking ice water to cool your mouth, check out the full inventory of delicious CBD edibles in stock at Candy Warehouse.

Also HighTech Edibles Cinnamon Gummy packs the potency of 100mg of THC into a palm-sized, cinnamon-infused treat. Imagine a tooth-friendly chewable Red Hot with extracurricular gifts like pain elimination, anxiety reduction, and stress management. Also That’s what HighTech Edibles has managed to magically concoct here. Oh, and it’ll inflict you with euphoria, relaxation, and a bunch of good, tingly feelings.


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