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Nerd Ropes


Nerd Ropes Buy Nerds Ropes Edibles Online Who ever said medicating can’t be fun…


Nerd Ropes

Buy Nerds Ropes Edibles Online Who ever said medicating can’t be fun has never had a Medicated Nerds Rope! Also these candy treats will satisfy your adult sweet tooth while also providing a hefty 400mg of THC all in one package!

Mimicking Wonka’s famous recipes and techniques, these THC infused candies are made with a THC infused gummy “rope” that is then covered in sour, tangy crunchy nerds for a truly fun experience.

A sweet medicated candy and gummy edible so tasty, words can’t even describe.

Altogether, these medicated gummy ropes covered in Wonka’s delicious, crunchy nerds satisfy both your sweet tooth cravings and muscles after a long day of work.

DJ Short’s Grape Kush is a productive marijuana hybrid strain that has sharp and fruity aromas. The effects are long-lasting and powerful, inducing euphoric head effects and a relaxed body.

About Nerd Ropes

  Nerd Ropes is a tasty, memorable strain with strong indica roots.

Its distinctive look and complex fruity flavor makes it an easy favorite — to say nothing of its incredibly potent body high.

Grape Ape is the product of strains as different as Mendocino Purps, an award-winning Northern California crossbreed, the influential staple strain Skunk, and a legendary Afghani landrace.

The combination of these nuances has yielded a bold and visually striking variety.

Testing lab Analytical 360 has tested samples of Grape Ape at between 15% and 25% THC composition.

Nerd Ropes is marked by standout colors and multi-layered scents — this is strain with more consumer “bag appeal” than most.

Buds are large and have a dense bud structure with tightly-curled leaves.

The leaves themselves are a deep green, with certain phenotypes expressing shades of purple and even red, with copper-colored pistils throughout.

Trichome count varies from moderate to high, leaving the flowers especially sticky.

The multicolored leaves are also very pungent: a candy-like grape smell wafts from the chunky buds.

Breaking open the sticky flowers with a grinder gives off a different odor, with some skunky musk from the Skunk

#1 parent and more of a thick hash scent from Afghani.

When inhaled though, the slightly harsh smoke from Grape Ape tastes more fruity than skunky —

Notes of grape and berries predominate, leaving behind a sweet sensation at the top of the palate.

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